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Dubai has branched off from their humble origins and into an urban hub that keeps on growing. Everyone can enjoy the many markets, the beautiful mosques, the public buildings and most of all, the gorgeous shopping malls. From the high tech hotels that are among the best in the world, to the many attractions spread all over, having a good time in Dubai is not only easy, but it’s guaranteed.

Gordon Ramsay at the Verre in DubaiThere are so many places to eat in Dubai, including Gary Rhodes and Gordon Ramsay’s culinary outpost that is located inside the Grosvenor House Hotel as well as the Hilton Dubai Creek. These restaurants offer Michelin star-courting, and absolutely delicious, cuisine. Near by you will find Noble House, the amazing Chinese restaurant, which is located inside the Raffles Hotel. You will also find the cheap-eat street, Al Dhiyafah Road, which caters to the Indian, Iranian and Lebanese restaurants. Sidra has mixed grill and zesty salads, while Pars Iranian Kitchen has some of the best lamb and the freshest seafood you will find. Ravi Restaurant down the street has some of the best curry, and is also a Pakistani spice-peddler.

With thousands of tourists every year, Dubai holiday packages are very easy to find. These packages include taking an Abra Water taxi ride, visiting the Burj Khalifa and seeing the sights inside the Dubai Museum. The sand dunes located in Dubai are perfect for riding a camel, having a night picnic underneath the stars, and even riding a 4×4. Finding the perfect Dubai holiday packages that will suit your perfect vacation away from home is very easy, and can be done before you step foot in the airport.

The biggest mall - Mall Of ArabiaShopping in Dubai is one of the greatest experiences you will have, because of all the beautiful odds and ends you will find, not to mention the ambiance that you will encounter. Inside the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel you will find the Souk Madinat, which uses their own waterway for transferring folks to bars, restaurants and all kinds of shops. The enormous Mall of the Emirates has their very own ski slope inside which includes real snow and an adorable gift shop. The Khan Murjan boasts Islamic authenticity and connects right to the Wafi Mall, which is home to Marks & Spencer, Montblanc and even Chanel. You can even visit some dinosaurs during your trip by going to the Mall of Arabia, which is also the biggest mall in the entire world at over 10 million square feet.

The Gold SoukEven if you do not plan on buying, taking a trip through the Gold Souk is an absolute must while in Dubai. The stores offer gold, diamonds, platinum and sometimes silver. You can also find some amazing jewelry and shiny things at the Gold & Diamond Park. There you can find the most unique designs and also get jewelers, at a fraction of the original price, to recreate lovely pieces.

If you are in Dubai on a Friday and love to have a few drinks and relax, then you are in luck! Majority of the restaurants in the city will have a “champagne brunch”, which consists of heaping buffets and a lot of alcohol. Who does not love a little champagne with their lunch? You can find unlimited champagne at the Spectrum on One inside the Fairmont and the Le Meridien’s Yalumba. For lunch, you can find plenty of oysters, enormous prawns and more prime steak than you can handle. If you’d rather a more kid-friendly environment, Mina A’Salam Brunch has a kid’s club, live cooking stations and outdoor seating.

Burj KhalifaWhile in Dubai, visiting the Burj Khalifa is an absolute must. With 164 floors, 58 elevators, 900 apartments and 304 hotel rooms, the Burj is the world’s tallest building. The enormous building serves as a model for the future urban centers and is a global icon like none other. The Burj boasts toward the worldwide movement to have the most compact, urban and livable areas and is surrounded by neighborhoods that are a tad more centralized than the other newer developments found in Dubai.

Inside the Jumeirah Hotel you will find the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is guaranteed to give you a thrill. With 30 attractions and rides to get your adrenalin pumping, all themed around the Sinbad and Juha legend, how could you not have fun? There are also child friendly rides and restaurants located in the park, as well as souvenir shops.

With so much to see and do in Dubai, the next travel destination place will be an easy, and completely amazing, decision.

The City Of DubaiDubai. It’s one country whose mention draws blank stares from the majority of most Westerners when the topic of “holidays” or “vacations” comes up. Most people who have any familiarity with a map are aware that Dubai is somewhere in the Middle East (after a quick reference check in your office atlas, you will see that this is true). And that, not only is it the second largest of a conglomeration of states within a group of confederated states, but it is also the second most populated city of this region as well (second in area only to Abu Dhabi). It is not a place that typically comes to the mind of your Western based vacationer planning his or her yearly splurge. Time is always short. Itineraries can and are often changed at the last minute or even en route. Baggage is lost. The Middle East is so far away, and isn’t it sort of a political hot spot? Yet, opportunities exist for inexpensive Middle Eastern getaways. After a little due diligence and research, one can plan and execute perfect “cheap Dubai holidays.”

dubai 1969Something about Dubai: What started out as a breakaway republic from the Second Saudi state by the Bani Yas clan in an unpopulated and desolate part of the Dubai Creek in the year 1833 has developed into an important and thriving, international center in our modern era ( UAEĀ  chronology of key events) . It was not even mentioned as a place name until the year 1095 when it received scant mention in a work on geography from that area. Italian pearl merchants came to the area in sixteenth century and its already thriving pearling industry brought the region to the attention of the Europeans. The area of Dubai then had few if any existing cultural and etymological documentation due to the prevalence of its oral tradition (read: important facts and history not being documented but passed down orally from father to son). But Dubai’s native resources, commitment to perfection in whatever niche it happened to carve for itself led to the rise in awareness and interest in investment and development by outsiders. Despite its humble and often tumultuous beginnings, Dubai’s success was hard won and well deserved. It is now scrupulously guarded. It became keenly obvious to the outside world as early as 1892 as to the importance of this region (as a port city and trading hub) that the British Empire was called in to referee and mediate between warring factions who continually fought for control of the region there. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Dubai could already be considered the most important city and state within the United Arab Emirates.

dubai from the topAs stated previously, Dubai is not usually first on the list for the would-be vacationer, typically not even tenth or twentieth. But for those with an interest for interesting and unusual places, it is worth a look. Today, Dubai has the reputation as a world class city, quite urbane and cosmopolitan at its core, and one of the most successful and strong economies in the world. The oil wealth there has been the catalyst which fueled Dubai’s rapid and exponential growth, but its rather liberal system of rule (a Constitutional Monarchy) keeps Dubai free and open enough to respond quickly and positively to change, development, and innovation. It has also made it the most expensive city in the Middle East and the twenty-second most expensive city in the world, as of 2012. This does not, however, rule out the possibility for cheap Dubai holidays to be scheduled and enjoyed, regardless of the distance one would need to travel to reach the United Arab Emirates.

Burj KhalifaThankfully, the people of Dubai did not stop with just oil. Always innovative in spirit, and with a sharply honed survival instinct, the people of Dubai set out to diversify and transform their country. And transform it they have. With the natural oil wealth of their country, they have been able to invest and develop in earnest in the fields of aviation, real estate, financial services, and recently, tourism. They pride themselves on their massive development. In fact, so profound and deep is the Dubai’s love of and connection to the skyscraper that through their achievement in development, they can actually boast having the world’s tallest high-rise, the Burj Khalifa within their city. Their world class shopping malls, hotels, man-made islands for sale on the real estate market, restaurants, gambling casinos and first class hospitality service have drawn the rulers of the world to Dubai for both business and pleasure.

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